New York Mets have a legitimate shot if…

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New York Mets

Daniel Murphy, David Wright and the rest of the New York Mets are all smiles as they begin June 5th games over .500.

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If you would have told me before the year began that we would be ‘considering’ the New York Mets as a contender entering the third month of the season, I would have asked you what you were smoking and then double-checked that your last name wasn’t Wilpon…

And yet here we are about to begin the month of June, declaring that the Mets have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. Here are several factors that we have weighed into this thought process:

The Mets, first and foremost, deserve a tremendous amount of credit for over-achieving with essentially a young & unexperienced bunch of players while dealing with the obligitory injuries that every team is faced with. Read more here…

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