New York Yankees push for another pennant

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Robinson CanoThis is All-Star week. We have the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game.  Now is the time when teams begin to make their push for the playoffs. The New York Yankees are no different.  At this point the Yanks have the best record in MLB. Usually at this point in the year they begin to play a different kind of game throughout the rest of the season.  The second half of the year Yankees are a different animal then during the beginning of the year Yankees.

The Yankees seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now, even though they have some major injuries.  C.C. Sabbathia has a hamstring issue, Mariano Rivera has a torn ACL and needed surgery, and Andy Pettitte has a broken foot.  Their bullpen and other starters have taken up the slack and kept the Yankees in contention.  The hitters are hitting and hitting well. The Yankees have hit the most Home Runs in MLB.  Thirty-eight year old Derek Jeter, the team Captain always leads by example. He makes the plays that no one else does. He is hitting at a very high level, his batting average is .313. He has a legitimate shot at an AL MVP.  Jeter has also made another All-Star team, he will be the lead off hitter and start at Shortstop.  Robinson Cano will bat second and play second base.  Curtis Granderson will start in the outfield and be ninth in the lineup. C.C. Sabbathia also made the All-Star team, but will not play due to being on the disables list.

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The New York Yankees as an organization, from management down to the players, the fans, and everyone else that is affiliated with the organization expect every year to make the playoffs and win a World-Series. They demand it, and anything less is not acceptable.  With this mind set and loyalty of their fans is one of the main reasons that the New York Yankees have won more World-Series than any other franchise.

When the All-Star break is over, the Yankees go into what I call pennant mode. They work with their line-ups to get that perfect mesh and cohesive unit that will push them closer to the play-offs. They take less days off. I know that all teams work harder in the second half of the season, but I believe with the Yankees is goes to another level. A level that teams that do not make the play-offs can understand, especially teams that have never made it into the play-off or won a pennant. The teams that do not have can do and will do attitude. They do not play as the Yankees play, for pride.  During the second half of the season, the Yanks get harder to beat because they feel that they have more on the line and a lot of history to live up to year after year.

The Yankees are probably one of the toughest teams to deal with going down the stretch after the all-star break.  I see them in the play-off picture again this year because as their injured players start to come back into the fold, the stronger they get. They are very good at maintaining themselves during rough periods during the season, I do not see this year as any different.

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2 Responses to New York Yankees push for another pennant

  1. Wild Banshee says:

    This team reminds me a lot of the Paul O’Neil era Yankees. Not necessarily in terms of the actual personality types but in terms of the lower profile and bench players having such an impact.

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